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Adimec - Industrial cameras

Adimec is an international company that operates from Eindhoven. Adimec produces industrial cameras worldwide for applications in end products (OEMs). The potential for Adimec was big at the Chinese market and they had the ambition to be operational in China in a short term. As the project partner, Your Op has drawn up a China Business Plan together with Adimec management. After given green light for the business plan, shortly afterwards the first actions were implemented. Your Op has set up a company for Adimec in China (WOFE). Furthermore, an office has also been selected and employees have been recruited. Adimec could start working immediately.

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"Adimec is ambitious and wants to grow. Your Op supported Adimec very professional in starting up our business in China. Many people think that it is impossible to be operational in China within six months. We were convinced that it was possible, together with Your Op. We were able to keep our focus on the strategy while Your Op solved unforeseen situations. Your Op will get it done!"

Joost van Kuijk – CEO Adimec

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