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EARTH Water - water with a mission

EARTH Concepts, with products EARTH Water, EARTH Coffee and EARTH Tea has been active on the Dutch market since 2007. EARTH Water has their own unique vision. They invest 100% of the net profit of the sales of EARTH Water in sustainable water systems in areas in which these are needed most.

In 2010, EARTH Water decided to enter the Chinese market. The product received good feedback at Chinese fairs and Chinese distributors showed interest. Despite the necessary PR & marketing activities, sales lagged behind. EARTH Water faced a mystery and asked Your Op to find out why.  We developed a new market strategy and found out that distributors don’t trust new unknown products.

Your Op advised EARTH Water to find their own way to distribute the water in China.  Once the product was available on the market, a large number of local distributors joined. EARTH water is now available at various high-end events and at well-known international hotel chains in China such as the Hyatt, Mariott and Andaz. With the rapidly growing hospitality market in China, EARTH Water is entering a bright future at the Chinese market.  

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