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Architect Company- UNStudio

UNStudio is an architectural firm from Amsterdam. To enter the Chinese market, UNStudio was looking for a LDI ( Local Design Institute) as their local partner. Your Op has assisted UNStudio in this process by organizing a trade mission with various matchmaking. The opening party initiated by Your Op, for which 100+ business relations were invited, immediately gave UN Studio grand exponsure in China. Soon after, UNStudio found the right LDI. Your Op also found an office manager for them. Their office manager is still employed at UNStudio China.​.

"While setting up our Chinese UNStudio location in Shanghai, we were introduced to the services of Your Op. This energetic, pro-active and ambitious consulting company has a large network and knowledge of Dutch Chinese business. The team of Your Op has been able to answer specific questions that led to a tailor-made solution. What I found very exceptional in our collaboration was the insight of a creative business approach combined with different cultural backgrounds. "
Astrid Fiber, Partner/Senior Architect, UNStudio

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